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Digital security is important, more so in the nonprofit sector as many of us work with vulnerable and marginalized populations who need their digital identity to be protected from exploitation and abuse. Keeping the data on our devices and networks safe and secure is imperative. Explore these learning resources as options for you and your organization. If your organization uses a helpful resource that isn’t listed below please let us know and we will add it to this collection.

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Computer Security Learning Resources

Awareness Training Videos

TITLE: Security Awareness Training Videos
COST: Free video content hosted on the NetHope Solutions Center

Learning Resources

TITLE: Social Engineering
COST: Some content is free. Check to see if your organization has purchased this service

Policy Workbook

TITLE: Nonprofit Technology Policy Workbook
AUTHOR: Kyle Andrei via IdealWare
COST: Free with sign-up


TITLE: What Nonprofits Need to Know About Security: A Practical Guide to Managing Risk
AUTHOR: Chris Bernard via IdealWare
COST: Free with sign-up


TITLE: Legal Aid Technology Toolkit: Information Security
AUTHOR: Chris Bernard via IdealWare
COST: Free with sign-up

Training Resources

TITLE: Symantec eLibrary: On-demand training at your fingertips
AUTHOR: Symantec
COST: Free online courses, but you must have purchased the tool

Webinar Recordings

TITLE: Establishing Tech Policies to Protect Your Nonprofit — Three-Part Course
AUTHOR: Joshua Peskay, Vice President, RoundTable Technology

Email Security Learning Resources

Training Resource

TITLE: Email Security Awareness Training
AUTHOR: Rapid7
COST: Fee-based training

Public Wi-Fi Learning Resources


TITLE: Top Web Security Best Practices When Using Public WiFi
AUTHOR: Ava Bavaro at Business 2 Community
COST: Free

Learning Resources

TITLE: Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks
AUTHOR: Federal Trade Commission
COST: Free

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