Digital Skills Framework: Technical Literacy

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Technical Literacy is the foundation for skills in the Digital era. In this section, you will learn about the tools and technologies you need to succeed and to make a greater impact for good.

In the past, a central IT department was the center for any technical knowledge. Today, each individual needs to have a level of technical depth – to understand trends that will impact work, to make better technology decisions – understanding the implications of those choices.


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See Learning Pathways below.

Courses Landing Page

TechSoup Courses offers digital skills for nonprofit staff. All course topics are contextualized. (link coming soon)

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Courses Landing Page

Access to Plurasight's Digital Transformation landing page. Corporate subscription required. (link coming soon)


Humentum is pleased to share the NetHope Digital Skills Framework with their member organizations.

Learning Pathways

These pathways, combined with the search function above, will help you on your digital journey.

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