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Recorded Sessions & Available Materials by Day

Monday November 5

NetHope Update Video | Agenda
John Roberts: Improving our change initiatives, using proven approaches Video | Agenda

Tuesday November 6

Laura McMillan and Irish CEOs will welcome all delegates to the 2018 Summit | Video | Agenda
When it’s in your DNA, it’s just something you do! | Video | Agenda | Slides
Perspective: CEOs Address Digital Opportunities | Video | Agenda
Perspective: Industry Leaders Prioritize Collaboration | Video | Agenda
Perspective: Donor Approaches to Support Digital Impact | Video | Agenda

Wednesday November 7

The Importance of AI in digital transformation Video | Agenda
Partnering to Keep Communities Safe Video | Agenda
Data Driven: The Road to Increased Impact Video | Agenda
Microsoft - Accelerating Social Impact Video | Agenda
Gary Bolles: Become an Exponential Organization, Solve the World's Challenges Faster Video 1 | Video 2 | Agenda
Future of Work and Learning: Roles of Organizations and Individuals Video | Agenda
Collective Impact in Humanitarian Response Video | Agenda
SOS Data Highway - Security in a Reliable Digital Backbone Video | Agenda | Slides
Future of Identity Video | Agenda

Thursday November 8

Getting the People Right, and Other Steps to Make Your Digital Transformation a Success Video | Agenda
AI for Good Video 1 | Video 2 | Agenda
Partnering in Crisis Affected Situations Video | Agenda
Human-Centered, Ethical AI Video | Agenda
Force Multiplier: The Power of Self-Development in an Age of Technology Video | Agenda

Friday November 9

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Design Thinking Agenda
AI for Good Agenda
Blockchain: Beyond the Hype Agenda
GDPR: 6 Months Later Agenda
Developing a Digital-Mindset in Your Organization: Using the Digital Skills Framework in a Practical Application Agenda
Microsoft Technical Training Offerings Agenda
Rapid Controlled Deployment Lab with Cisco Meraki Agenda
Storytelling to Influence Change Agenda


Important Announcements from the Summit

The Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS) Assessment white paper

Author: NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit
Description: The Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS) Assessment white paper

People come first in digital transformation

People come first in digital transformation

Author: Lauren Woodman
Description: Today, NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit released The Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS) Assessment white paper, revealing opportunities…

Summit Articles & Webinars

WEBINAR: Introduction to AI and AI for Good

Description: Applying AI in the work NetHope members do represents an incredible opportunity to enhance existing programs and create solutions that are more effective than ever before.

Relationships at the core of NetHope Summit

Author: NetHope Blog
Description: With more than 500 attendees and 36 sponsors, this year’s NetHope Global Summit will be the biggest ever! Knowing through these relationships we build a stronger…

NetHope Global Summit 2018-PHOTOS

Author: NetHope Blog
Description: Access and download curated photos from NetHope Global Summit 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.

NetHope Global Summit 2018: A Recap

Author: Alexandra Alpert
Description: “When I started working at NetHope a few years ago, a member told me that if you put a group of members together in room, you can watch the “magic happen.”  And after attending four Global Summits and too many chapter meetings to count, I can safely say they were correct.”

Lauren's Daily Dispatches

Global Summit: Day One

Author: Lauren Woodman
Description: Looking out at the delegates seated in the historic Royal Dublin Society Concert Hall, I was reminded that the Summit is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends…

Global Summit: Day Two

Author: Lauren Woodman
Description: ‘Commitment’ is Operative Word at Summit

Global Summit: Day Three

Author: Lauren Woodman
Description: This morning’s plenary sessions featured vivid examples of what the theory of digital transformation looks like in practice.

Global Summit: Day Four

Author: Lauren Woodman
Description: Attendees treated to diverse and intriguing line-up of speakers including keynote Kentaro Toyama.

Global Summit: Day Five

Author: Lauren Woodman
Description: The end to a busy and inspiring week.

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