Webinar Recap: Storytelling with Data and Self-Service Analytics Using Power BI

  • Seth Otto
  • October 12, 2017
Webinar Recap: Storytelling with Data an

Whether you are new to the world of data visualization, or an expert, this webinar will have something for you. Sanjay Soni, Technology Evangelist at Microsoft Philanthropies, joined us for a NetHope Solutions Center webinar last month, and gave us an entertaining and informational introduction to Microsoft’s Power BI.

Soni’s approach assumed the audience was new to data analytics in general, and Power BI specifically. After his initial overview of the Power BI platform, he presented a dashboard demonstration that included historical, real time, and predictive analytics. He then used a simple Excel file to build a dashboard from scratch, and demonstrated the relative ease of creating and editing data visualizations.

Also joining us for the webinar to share nonprofit analytics were Amanda Bangura, SABI Program Team Leader, and Saiku M. Bah, Head of Programs, both from global NGO, Christian Aid UK. Bangura, and Bah demonstrated Christian Aid UK’s use of Power BI to visualize, and understand the data collected from their SABI program. Christian Aid UK was then able to craft and communicate the story of their program’s deployment, and effectiveness to government agencies, partners, and donors.

Power BI is a tool that Christian Aid UK is using to achieve their stated goal to strengthen community-led accountability, and increase awareness of, and demand for, basic services: health education, social protection, water, and energy. You can view the interactive results of their use of Power BI at their website.

“For us, data isn’t an end in itself, it’s a means to an end. It’s a means to putting citizens’ voices at the center of decision-making. To enhance citizen-to-state relationships that improve accountability.” - Amanda Bangura, SABI Program Team Leader, Christian Aid UK

Highlights include:

  • Sanjay Soni presents a detailed walkthrough of a dashboard set up in Power BI.
  • A detailed demonstration of Power BI’s historical, real time and predictive analytics.
  • A real-world case study of how Christian Aid uses Power BI in their SABI program.
  • An extensive Q&A discussion focused on the multiple uses of Power BI and data visualization in the nonprofit sector.

View the webinar recording that includes an extensive Q&A session:

Note: Mr. Soni’s presentation is interrupted from 14:30 to 17:20 due to connectivity issues, but he was able to continue from where he left off, and include his entire Power BI tutorial.

More information about each organization, as well as downloadable pdf versions of the presenters’ slides can be found on the webinar landing page. Please take a minute (or less) to fill out the webinar evaluation form after viewing the recording. Many thanks!