Webinar Recap: Microsoft Resources for Refugees: Case Studies and How to Get Started

  • Seth Otto
  • October 3, 2017
Webinar Recap: Microsoft Resources for R

Revisit our webinar with Microsoft Philanthropies and two partner nonprofits serving refugees in Turkey and Lebanon.

Microsoft Resources for Refugees: Case Studies and How to Get Started is the latest in the NLG Tech Task Force webinar series currently focused on youth education, skills training, and livelihoods. The webinar was hosted by Leila Toplic of the NLG Tech Task Force, and was presented by Jane Meseck, Senior Director, Global Programs and Partnerships at Microsoft Philanthropies; Andrea Lattanner, Digital Skills Program Manager at Microsoft Philanthropies; Başak Saral, General Manager at Habitat Association, and Kim Issa, External Relations Manager for arcenciel. The presentation featured an overview of the Microsoft's Resources for Refugees and the work of their nonprofit partners -- Habitat Association in Turkey and arcenciel in Lebanon.

Highlights include:

  • An overview of Microsoft’s efforts in the humanitarian sector, including their work with displaced populations to provide access to education, and livelihood training.
  • A presentation of Microsoft’s Resources for Refugees, a detailed guide to getting started with Microsoft’s Resources for Refugees, and partnership opportunities for organizations working with displaced populations.
  • Overview of how two local nonprofit organizations are using Microsoft's Resources for Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon.

View the webinar recording that includes an extensive Q&A session:

More information about each organization, as well as downloadable pdf versions of the presenters’ slides can be found on the webinar landing page. Please take a minute (or less) to fill out the webinar evaluation form after viewing the recording. Many thanks!

About the NLG Tech Task Force

NLG Tech Task Force was set up by NetHope and No Lost Generation initiative to connect experts in refugee response with the private sector expertise and resources to deliver at-scale, long-term impact. We do that by focusing on: (1) Cross-sector information sharing and (2) Project-based, ICT-enabled collaborations with NGOs, private sector companies, academic institutions, and host governments.

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