Webinar Recap: ICT4Ag: The New Technologies That Will Achieve Food Security

  • NetHope Solutions Center
  • November 9, 2017
Webinar Recap: ICT4Ag: The New Technolog

Last month the NetHope Solutions Center hosted the second webinar in our ICT4D Series, ICT4Ag: The New Technologies That Will Achieve Food Security. The event featured presentations from Catholic Relief Services, FAO e-Agriculture Team of the United Nations, Souktel Digital Solutions, and CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture at International Center for Tropical Agriculture.

The webinar provided insights on choosing ICT technologies and prioritizing them in new and existing programs. The presentations covered research and big data, push vs. pull technologies, user-friendly designs, and sustainability.

Topics include:

  • An overview of New ICT Technologies for Agriculture
  • Lessons Learned from the Field
  • Using Big Data to Improve ICT4Ag Programs and Their Sustainability
  • Integrating research and policy in the development program
  • Common implementation challenges of ICT4D programs in the agricultural sector, and how to overcome them
  • Which ICT4D technologies should be introduced first for better adoption
  • The real promise of data-driven agriculture, and its practical challenges
  • Sustainability, and capacity building, when the project is over

View the webinar recording that includes an extensive Q&A session:

A PDF of the presentation slides, and collateral material for ICT4Ag: The New Technologies That Will Achieve Food Security, can be found on the webinar landing page.

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