URGENT FUNDING APPEAL: Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

  • Gisli Olafsson
  • November 11, 2013


NetHope, a consortium of 41 leading humanitarian NGOs in the world, is issuing this urgent funding appeal to support its coordination and information and communication technology (ICT) related support. Urgent assistance is needed to support NetHope member organizations following the passage of Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) over the Philippines on November 8th, that has so far resulted in the deaths of over 10,000 people and affected over 9.5 million people.

Overall Situation

The initial reports coming out of the worst hit areas paint a dire picture of the situation after Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda), one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, crossed the Philippines.

The worst hit area is in and around the city of Tacloban, where 90% of the houses were destroyed. A three meter (10 feet) high storm surge ripped through the city as record winds were blowing. Unconfirmed reports of hundreds of bodies in the streets have surfaced in the media.

The first joint assessment teams reported that they had difficulties in getting around due to enormous amounts of debris on the roads. The airport in Tacloban is closed except to relief flights. Other areas reported to have suffered substantial damage are Aklan, Palo, and Roxas City. Many other areas suffered significant damage and power is limited in many areas in the path of the storm.

The Government of Philippines has formally requested international assistance for this disaster. Quite notably, the Government highlighted the need to improve communication capabilities, which are essential to enable effective coordination and provision of humanitarian assistance.

For a detailed overview of the situation – please see our latest situation report on our website:

Member Organizations in Philippines

NetHope Member organizations and their implementing partners are active in the Philippines. The following information illustrates their activities and range of work. Information management and communications capabilities are compromised in the affected area. Urgent assistance is needed to support relief efforts and allow this work to continue.

NetHope Member Organization



Providing medical supplies in collaboration with local partner organizations.



Providing food, water, shelter, and other essential items to the survivors.


Catholic Relief Services



Providing water purification, shelter, material, and essential living supplies in cooperation with partners on the ground.


ChildFund International


Providing assistance to children and families supported through their programs in the affected areas.


Christian Aid


Working through local partners to provide emergency food and supplies.


Direct Relief

Providing emergency medicine and medical supplies through partners on the ground.


Heifer International


Providing support to livelihood projects affected by the typhoon.


International Federation of Red Cross/ Red Crescent (IFRC)

Supporting the Philippines Red Cross which is working across all sectors of the humanitarian response.


International Medical Corps (IMC)

Has a team on the ground providing medical interventions.


Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is closely monitoring the situation through agencies already present in the area, and has placed disaster response teams on standby.



Working with partners on the ground to provide survivors with basic needs and assistance in rebuilding.


Oxfam International

Working on water, public health, and sanitation for the survivors in Cebu, Samar, and Leyte.

Plan International

Providing water kits, plastic sheeting, and other services, in addition to providing psycho-social support to children affected by the disaster.


Save the Children

Providing emergency services, water and sanitation supplies. Have deployed a rapid response team to meet the needs of children in the city of Tacloban.


SOS Children’s Villages

They operate two villages in the affected area and are providing support to the families and children affected.


World Vision

Providing food, non-food items, hygiene kits, emergency shelter, and protection, especially for children and women.

Emergency Response Requirements

This funding appeal reflects the preliminary ICT related requirements from the NetHope member organizations working in Philippines. NetHope seeks cash and donated new equipment. In-kind contributions will be shipped in bulk to the Philippines and allocated by NetHope member organizations according to their collective priorities.

NetHope is anticipating a three month response effort, consisting of an initial deployment of a field team to do assessment of the ICT situation, followed by up to three months of coordination of response activities.

The following in-kind donations of new equipment are sought:

  • 200+ business laptops with Microsoft Windows 7/8.1 and Office 2013
  • 150+ tablets with Microsoft Windows/Android/iOS
  • 100+ smartphones with Microsoft Windows/Android/iOS
  • 200+ two-way radios (capable of working on 136-174 & 400-520Mhz)
  • 20+ satellite phones
  • 25+ power generator
  • 100+ power banks for charging laptops/phones
  • 100+ solar panels for charging laptops/phones
  • 20+ BGAN satellite internet terminals
  • 5+ VSAT terminals with 3 month 2mb bandwidth


The following cash support is sought:



Est. Unit Cost


In-country and overall coordination activities (3 person months)




NetHope Emergency Response Working Group activities for 3 months




Field deployment of ICT assessment and coordination team (up to 3 people for 3 weeks)




Travel and Shipping Costs




Estimated Duties on import




Satellite phone airtime credit




BGAN Bandwidth credit




Management, communication, and support (19%)




Total Funding Requirements





Download this appeal in PDF format.



NetHope, founded in 2001, is an information technology collaboration of 41 leading international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) representing over $40 billion (US) of humanitarian development, emergency response, and conservation programs.       


NetHope’s member organizations serve millions of beneficiaries in more than 180 countries. Through member collaboration and by facilitating public-private partnerships with major technology companies, foundations and individuals, NetHope helps its members use their technology investments to better serve people in the most remote areas of the world. 


Since 2004, NetHope has provided its members with assistance in meeting the ICT needs that arise following major disasters, including 2004 SE Asia, tsunami, 2008 Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, 2010 Haiti Earthquake, 2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami, 2011 Horn of Africa Famine, and 2012 Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines.



Frank Schott

Interim President/Executive Director



+1.425.765.9890 (Mobile)

+1.703.383.5150 (Fax)


Skype: frank.schott31

Twitter: @frankschott


Gisli Olafsson

Emergency Response Director



+1.425.247.4491 (Mobile)

+1.703.383.5150 (Fax)


Skype: disasterexpert

Twitter: @gislio



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