United We Map! EsriUC2013

  • Paige Dearing
  • July 8, 2013
United We Map! EsriUC2013

This week is the Esri International User Conference, the world's largest event dedicated to geographic information system (GIS) technology. If you're not attending in person in San Diego, you can watch plenary sessions here.

NetHope will be present, posting up at our booth (V1339) in the Environmental Showcase. Stop by and say hi! Also, follow us on Twitter @NetHope_org.

To give you a taste of what is in store for the week, we've pulled this agenda teaser from the Esri event site:

Our agenda thieves are at it again to bring you a preview of the latest technical workshops.

What’s New in 10.2?

Ismael Chivite will tell you everything you need to know about the new release of ArcGIS, including improved integration with Portal for ArcGIS, the new ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server extension, and more.

Road Ahead – Desktop GIS

Rob Elkins will give you some insight into what our developers are working on and how these upcoming releases to ArcGIS will impact professional GIS users.

Esri Maps for Microsoft Office

Art Haddad, Senthan Sivabalan, and Tony Howser will show how you can create interactive maps of your Excel data that you can then embed in Microsoft PowerPoint or publish to ArcGIS Online.

Big Data: Using ArcGIS with Apache Hadoop

Intimidated by big data? Don’t be. David Kaiser and Erik Hoel will show you how you can use the power of Hadoop to batch geoprocess against enormous volumes of data and provide tips from moving your data between the Hadoop framework and geodatabases.

Esri Maps for Business Intelligence

Join Art Haddad, Pierre Seguin, and Brenda Wolfe for an overview of Esri’s solutions for IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, and SAP Business Objects that allow you to easily visualize and explore your enterprise business data on a map.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server – An Introduction

Adam Mollenkopf will take you on an exhaustive tour of the newest extension for ArcGIS for Server and show how you can incorporate real-time information streams into your GIS workflows.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server – Monitoring Assets

Adam will continue his deep dive into ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server, with a focus on specific capabilities like dynamic geofencing, speed monitoring, and other analysis capabilities for live feeds.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor Server – Monitoring Routes

See how this new extension for ArcGIS for Server can help organizations continuously monitor their assets on specified routes and provide updated arrival times for stops on the route in real-time.

Esri Maps for SharePoint

Sentha Sivabalan and Tony Howser will demo the mapping components in Esri Maps for SharePoint and show you to how assign and use location-based data in a SharePoint list.

Esri Maps for Customer Relationship Management

Sentha Sivabalan and Lucy Geurra will show you how easy it is to map your customer data in corporate data warehouses with Esri’s solutions for IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, and SAP Buisness Objects.

Make Better Policy Decisions Using Esri Community Analyst

Brenda Wolfe will walk you through the wealth of community data available in Esri Community Analyst and explain how you can use this information for policy decisions, grant applications, and more.

Esri Business Analyst: Overview and Update

James Killick and Lucy Guerra explain how commercial and government organizations alike use Esri Business Analyst for market planning, site selection, territory optimization, and more.

Like what you see? Register today to ensure that you’ll be there to witness the future of geospatial technology.

And don’t forget. The Esri UC is the only place where you can observe geographicus intelligenticus (the geogeek) in its natural habitat.

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United we map.

What are you looking most to? Connect with other participants in our forum for birds-of-a-feather meetups or missed networking connections!

Check back this week for Storify summaries of the conference!

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