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  • April 23, 2020

Thuraya is running a Special Promotion for voice and data packages with free hardware.

The hardware on offer is the WE and MarineStar models, available free of charge. Despite the name MarineStar will work on land.

The offer includes 4 months of free monthly subscriptions including up to 30Gb data transfer, depending on the package selected. Additional data transfer or voice minutes are charged per MB as detailed below.


Q: Is there a minimum commitment?
A: There is no commitment. The customer can cancel after 4 months.

Q: What happens if customer decides to terminate after 4 months? What is the process?
A: They can just deactivate the SIM like normal billing process. Since there is no contract so no termination charge will apply.

Q: What happens to the free hardware if I cancel?
A: Customer can keep the hardware.

Q: Is it possible to put a cap on the usage to avoid unexpected overage charges?
A: There is no cap put on the service from Thuraya, but customers can define a credit limit for each device through the Thuraya Portal. They can set the credit limit equal or close to the stated monthly fee (which is waived for four months) to avoid any undesired additional usage.

Najwa Natalie Ayoub
Global Accounts Business DevelopmentNorth America
US contact number: +1 469-469 9100

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