The Ultimate Guide To Effective Data Collection

  • SocialCops
  • December 4, 2015
The Ultimate Guide To Effective Data Col

SocialCops, with the mission to drive the world’s most important decisions using data, recently launched the ebook “The Ultimate Guide To Effective Data Collection” to support emerging practitioners in the design of better surveys for data collection. 
This 30-page guide advises readers on how to improve the ways they collect data and includes practical, simple changes they can make at every stage of the survey process, with plenty of examples and case studies spread throughout nine chapters:

  1. The core elements of survey design
  2. 4 types of data collection methods
  3. Qualitative vs. quantitative research
  4. Choosing your survey questions
  5. Choosing the right question type
  6. Best practices for survey questions
  7. Following the MECE framework (“Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive”)
  8. Closed vs open-ended questions 
  9. Samping and sampling size

Download the guide.

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