The NetHope Global Summit is going virtual!

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  • August 21, 2020
The NetHope Global Summit is going virtu

Click here to register for the NetHope Virtual Global Summit 2020

Training sessions and workshops, October 29 and 30

The NetHope Global Summit 2019 held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Imagine a forum for NetHope members and partners to connect, collaborate, and learn— conveniently available to you wherever you are. Imagine an engaging agenda of informative breakout meetings and inspiring keynotes, never before seen on a NetHope stage. Imagine customized programming, community and colleagues from all over the world, and a fully digital experience created just for you.

Imagine no more! For the first time ever, the NetHope Global Summit is coming to you—Virtually!

Through our virtual format, the NetHope Virtual Global Summit 2020 will continue, as always, to perform a vital role as a catalyst for change and improvement within our sector. This year’s format offers you accessible content available on demand, and interactive opportunities to engage with an even broader community, all built around the theme—Collective Action. Sustainable Future.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscores how vital technology, particularly digital, and collaboration are to the future of the nonprofit sector. In the face of this global threat, Collective Action is our response to this crisis and a Sustainable Future is what we can build together. The main portion of the Summit will be October 26-28, with training sessions and workshops on October 29 and 30.

The Summit agenda promises to be more comprehensive, intriguing, and inclusive than ever with nearly 200 presentations submitted. The full agenda announcement scheduled for the week of September 14 and Early-bird registration is planned to begin the week of August 26.

The virtual nature will allow a wider, more diverse audience of NetHope members and nonprofits to participate. Whether presenter, sponsor, or participant, we look forward to seeing you there. Have questions? Visit the NetHope Virtual Global Summit 2020 website or email us at

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