The Digital Downgrade and Your People

  • Ryan Gallant
  • April 23, 2015
The Digital Downgrade and Your People

People’s reliance on technology becomes greater every day, and with that our expectations continue to grow. In many ways, we’ve become a digital do-it-yourself society – whether buying movie tickets on a smartphone, online banking or submitting an insurance claim, we like to do things on our time and see instant results. Gone are the days of consumers waiting in line at their bank to deposit a check; most banking is now direct deposit or e-transfer. In the odd case a check is issued, banks have addressed the market’s DIY behavior and innovated check depositing by allowing customers to snap a photo of a check and deposit it to your account through a mobile application on your smartphone.

Customer portals are becoming streamlined and efficient, adapting for user experience. For instance, when I log on to enter a health insurance claim, I’m asked to select the type of claim. Next, I quickly select the practitioner from a dropdown list based on my past claims, then enter the date and cost. I’m provided with an overview of my reimbursement based on my policy and the next day the payment hits my bank account. This is just one of many examples of how providers are meeting customer needs with technological innovation.

In many cases, these innovations and our expectations of technology come to a halt when we enter the workplace. Internal business applications are known to be archaic and processes are difficult. Dealing with HR departments for simple things like address changes, performance evaluations, absence requests, timesheets and expenses are often time consuming, and involve paper forms and manual data entry. If not automated, these processes frequently live in outdated systems that aren’t user friendly.

Unit4 Business World is leading a revolution against the digital downgrade and providing self-service Human Capital Management tools with easy–to-use web portals and mobile applications to customers. Unit4 believes employees and volunteers should have instant access to their information and the ability to quickly and easily change it: integrations with Outlook calendars should automate absence requests, employees should know their vacation time balance with the click of a mouse and mobile applications should capture expenses on the go with the snap of a camera to capture a receipt. Unit4 Business World’s non-profit clients empower their employees with feature-rich functionality designed to work the way your people do.

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