Student uses Frugal Mobile Health Lab to prevent seasonal hunger in Nicaragua

  • Elizabeth Sweeny, Program Manager, Frugal Innovation Lab
  • November 30, 2012
mHealth Lab prevents hunger in Nicaragua

Frugal Innovation’s Mobile Health Lab helped Assistant Professor Chris Bacon and his student Ian Dougherty from the Department of Environmental Studies to test a mobile tracking solution for seed banks in Nicaragua. The project aims to help seed banks collect, store and analyze data from seed deposits and withdrawals to help combat seasonal hunger. Mobile Lab TA Ryan Davidson worked with Ian to install an OpenXData server in Nicaragua and create the electronic data collection forms to be filled in via mobile phone. This initial implementation increased the efficiency of seed banks in the area by allowing them to share pricing and quantity data. Eventually the data collected at each seed bank will be analyzed for trends, which can then be used to prevent seasonal hunger due to shortages of seed. This is an example of how the tools hosted by the Mobile Health Lab can be utilized by organizations to test, develop, and distribute functional mobile software applications.

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