COVID-19 Response


  • April 9, 2020

These are the current offerings provided by Salesforce/ to help organizations through COVID19. 

Technology solutions

Salesforce Care: Salesforce Care are a comprehensive set of solutions designed to help organizations respond to the urgent needs of COVID19

Customer Success Resources: Our experts and the Salesforce Trailblazer community are available to help organizations leverage Salesforce technologies and find a path forward.

Wellness and Education

Trailhead education: Trailhead has a host of resources for mindfulness, health and safety, alongside tools for continued education and development

Leading Through Change: Leading Through Change is a series of resources for navigating this time of global challenge and business transformation.  

B-Well Together: This is Salesforce's internal daily live event around health and mental health related to COVID19, and these broadcasts are now available to the public.  

Personal Protective Equipment - Salesforce PPE program: Organizations can request PPE via the Salesforce PPE program here.

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