Puerto Rico Response Update: The Crisis Informatics 3W Map

  • Gabriele Almon, GIS & Data Analyst Technical Lead, NetHope
  • December 18, 2017
Puerto Rico Response Update: The Crisis

The who, what and where of NetHope and members response in Puerto Rico.

The Importance of Location in Emergencies

In emergencies, it’s critically important for humanitarian organizations to know who else is responding in a particular area, with what aid, and where responders expect to provide services. Without that information, humanitarian organizations run the risk of duplicating efforts, or never reaching communities where aid is needed most.

Where NetHope Members are Responding in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria, a number of NetHope consortium members planned to immediately deploy to Puerto Rico and respond with much-needed aid. To help coordinate their efforts, the NetHope Crisis Informatics team created a map showing who in the consortium was responding, what aid they were intending to provide, and where specifically each member was intending to be. This is our “3W Map,” which the NetHope Crisis Informatics team keeps updated, so that the local government and greater humanitarian community is aware of the great work the NetHope consortium is doing. The map helps responding agencies avoid duplication of efforts, and identify gaps in aid service delivery.

The NetHope Crisis Informatics Team thanks our members and response team for sharing their information with us. This information will continue to be made publicly available on the NetHope Crisis Informatics page, ReliefWeb, and the Humanitarian Data Exchange.

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