PSI Mobile: The Next Wave of Mobile Apps for Intl NGOs

  • Emma Schwartz
  • August 26, 2014
PSI Mobile: The Next Wave of Mobile Apps

At this year’s CRS ICT4D Conference, PSI Mobile presented on the future of mobile application platforms for international NGOs (INGOs).

PSI has been delivering mobile operational support applications since 2004 via their highly scalable and reliable FUSION platform. Headquartered in Dublin, PSI has implemented more than 20 projects in more than 30 countries with INGOs since 2010.

Kieran O’Toole, Head of NGO, shared key requirements for developing mobile activity management solutions based on feedback solicited from NGO partners and clients.

The first requirement specified is the need for an organization-wide solution – enabling the aggregation of data and ensuring consistency of reporting and the efficiency of system administration. The sector is calling for an enterprise grade platform capable of supporting multiple programs, each with unique workflow requirements across multiple territories.

Donors’ demand for transparency and reporting has also led to the need for enterprise grade reporting against standard indicators, capturing all data and activities.

Integration with back office systems like CRM, financial and ERP systems was the third requirement highlighted. PSI FUSION is integrated with a range of systems: mapping/GIS, CRM, SMS gateway, workforce management, inventory management, financial and mobile payments.

The last key requirement expressed is the need for support applications for the full range of “on-the-ground” NGO activities to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness. PSI Mobile provides applications addressing the following areas: beneficiary management, data capture, survey processing, reports and dashboards, aid distribution, donor acquisition, and activity management.

The increasing amount of beneficiary information provided also calls for stricter data protection requirements.

To close, O’Toole presented several use cases, including two NetHope members that have turned to PSI for their mobile application needs.

Christian Aid currently uses the FUSION platform for partner and project monitoring workflow – executing partner assessments and surveys, aggregating project activities and assignments, integrating with CRM, scheduling tasks and activities, distributing project documentation and carrying out management and donor reporting activities.

Concern Worldwide has used the FUSION platform for a full range of programs, including Agriculture, Health, Livelihoods, WASH and Emergency Response. Concern has also implemented significant projects requiring beneficiary management and aid distribution solutions for their Return to Neighborhoods program in Haiti and their relief programme in DRC.

For more information on FUSION, contact Kieran O’Toole, or view the presentation here >>

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