COVID-19 Response


  • April 16, 2020

Any organization that would find value in leveraging the Okta Identity Cloud for remote work during an emergency situation should be able to do so at no cost. That’s why Okta is offering Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for free for 5 apps for all your users. Learn more here.

A few ways Okta supports NetHope members on the front lines of this crisis:

  • Product: Today we’re offering a limited Okta for Emergency Remote Work solution ​at no cost to new customers (available for sign ups through the end of May), and are open to exploring other ways to leverage our product to help organizations in need
  • Technical Work: Engagements with our team to support projects, either new or in progress
  • Security Consultation: We have a variety of experts on topics like cybersecurity that could serve as expert consultants. For example, one of our security leaders is also a well-known white hat hacker, and has been working with a number of orgs worldwide to help mitigate threats rising amid today’s crisis

As this crisis is evolving rapidly, Okta would be happy to sit down with any/all members or working groups who want to discuss what would be impactful for them to deliver on their missions today. Let us know how we can best support.

Kelsey Nelson

Product Marketing

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