NetHope reports from Project Reconnect: Syrian refugee teaches German volunteers to use Chromebooks

  • Sybille Fleischmann
  • October 12, 2016

Volunteers in the region of Birkenfeld, Germany plan to teach refugees German and math using Google Chromebooks. And to help them get there, the volunteers are being tutored by Omar Azad Ahmad, a refugee from Syria, on how to use and manage the new laptops.  

Ahmad (pictured right) is Kurdish, and hails from Qamishli, Syria, a city that has been devastated by deadly attacks and war atrocities in recent months. Ahmad graduated from a vocational institute in Syria as an assistant electronic engineer, and then studied telecommunications engineering in Aleppo for five years.

In October 2013, Aleppo was controlled by the rebels of the Free Syrian Army. From the northeast, the Islamic State was launching an initiative. From the south, the Syrian army advanced on Aleppo with support from allied militias. Food was running out, bombs rained down daily, and gunfire was constant. Ahmad feared for his life, and decided to leave Syria for Germany, where his younger sister had been working as a doctor for four years.

Read the full story at the NetHope Blog.

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