Kiron student: ‘I came to Germany because of love’

  • The NetHope Blog
  • July 27, 2017
Kiron student: ‘I came to Germany becaus

Kiron Open Higher Education is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide refugees with the opportunity to get higher education. Kiron is a grantee of Project Reconnect, an initiative from NetHope and that provided 25,000 Chromebooks to nonprofits supporting refugees in Germany. Kiron makes the laptops from Project Reconnect available to students in local study centers or as loaner devices.   

We are pleased to feature several Kiron student stories over the next few days, including this one from Ani, who told her story to Kiron’s Flora Celine Roenneberg. Don’t miss yesterday’s story, from Mohammed

My name is Ani, I am from Indonesia, from the island Sulawesi, and I had to leave my country because I fell in love with a woman. I came to Germany because of love. It is a long story. We ran away together from Indonesia, because it is such a strict country, where they do not accept gay relationships. So, we had to run away.

We met at a solar eclipse event — it was very romantic. I was an IT student, also working for a tourism office, when we fell in love. However, I could not tell my family. My dad is a police officer and my aunt is working in an immigration office and I have a lot of family all over the city. But they found out! I had already decided to get my passport ready to leave the country, when my aunt discovered that I wanted to leave. She checked my undercover Facebook page. I have two Facebook profiles to hide my secret identity, but my aunt found out and saw that I was having a relationship with a woman. It was very difficult.

I talked to my family before I left. I tried to explain but they were really mad. I am still in touch with them today. I tell them that I am happy here, that I am studying and that I am doing well. But it is hard for them to understand. When I talk to them when my [partner] is around, they change their mood and it is not easy. This creates a lot of tension, not just between my family and me, but also between us as a couple.

I really miss my twin sister. Maybe she understands me better because we are twins. We will even meet each other out of the country, in Malaysia, since I really cannot go back to my home country. I am paranoid that my family will catch me. I am kind of “wanted” back home. My family is looking for me. If they would find me they would put me into a mental home, where I would have to undergo hypnosis and psychotherapy because they think being gay is an illness.

I was 21 when I came to Germany; now it has been nearly a year that I am in Berlin...

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