Just Released! Watch Now: Improving Connectivity in Dadaab

  • Emma Schwartz
  • March 7, 2014

Since July 2011, the worst drought and famine in East Africa in more than 60 years placed severe strain on the humanitarian agencies working in Dadaab, Kenya - the world's largest refugee camp. To coordinate relief efforts and save lives, significant improvements and increases in Internet connectivity were essential.

In early 2012, in collaboration with Cisco, Microsoft and Inveneo, USAID's Global Broadband and Innovations Alliance (GBI) and implementing partner NetHope supported the development and rapid deployment of a low-cost, high-speed broadband network called DadaabNet to serve aid agencies' operations and the broader refugee community. With the successful implementation of DadaabNet, aid agencies were provided with the high-speed, low-cost and reliable access needed to improve operations and effectively serve end beneficiaries.

The following video was produced in November-December 2013 to illustrate the lasting impact of the network.




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