The e-MITRA project

Advancing digital financial services in Indonesia

The USAID-funded e-MITRA project was launched in 2012 to provide technical advisory services to essential participants in Indonesia’s digital financial services (DFS) sector, including mobile network operators, financial institutions and payment platform providers. The project was designed to assist in the development of strategies that lead to the growth and scale of DFS platforms in the country; to provide concrete tools to create such strategies; and, ultimately, to help drive momentum for private sector offerings of economically viable DFS products for the poor and unbanked.

Over the course of three and a half years, USAID’s Global Development Lab and the USAID Indonesia Mission provided 3.5 million in funding to help build capacity for private sector delivery of DFS for the poor and unbanked. As a component of its technical services, e-MITRA also conducted and published qualitative research on key issues in MFS in Indonesia. 

The collateral below catalogs the impact of e-MITRA, key sector trends and developments, and research that resulted from the project.  

e-MITRA was a project of the Global Broadband Innovations Alliance (“GBI”), a cooperative agreement between USAID and NetHope dedicated to advancing the deployment and use of broadband communications networks, including enhanced mobile networks. For additional information on e-MITRA, write