NetHope 2017 Device Challenge

The goal of the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge is to achieve significant positive impact on efforts in humanitarian aid, international development, and conservation by facilitating the use of internet-connected devices. Program impact can be greatly amplified when these tools are placed directly in the hands of the target population or of the front-line personnel and humanitarian workers, and we are inspired to see so many digital development programs underway, mainstreaming the use of technology in the sector.

We received a tremendous response to the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge with 250 organizations submitting 290 high-quality applications in support of worthy development projects. 

NetHope selected 17 grant award recipients based on the published selection criteria and a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of all applications conducted by the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge team along with our review panel consisting of NetHope leaders and other sector experts. The panel included a Vice President of Programs from a non-applying NetHope member organization, a grant officer from a respected international development funding agency, a University of Washington technology and social change researcher, and an ICT4D expert.


To give visibility to the many worthy projects deserving of donor funding, NetHope is designing a program to reach out to other donors who may be interested in providing support for the projects not funded, or partially funded, by the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge. We are working on the details of this program and will provide more information in the coming weeks.


For the benefit of all organizations involved in the grant application and award process, NetHope will monitor question submissions and maintain and update the FAQ section below.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge program?

How can I find out more about the other potential donor funding opportunities you mentioned?

Will NetHope provide individual feedback to grant applicants if requested?

  • Given the high volume of applications received, NetHope will not be providing feedback to individual applicants that were not selected to receive an award.

Is this a one-time-only grant program, or will your offer it annually?

  • The NetHope 2017 Device Challenge is a one-time-only grant program.

How were grant award winners selected?

  • Grant award winners were selected through a rigorous evaluation process.



We thank all applicants for participating in the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge.

​Please see the NetHope Press Release for the selected award winners.


NetHope would like to thank the Google Foundation of Tides Foundation for providing the generous grant funding for this program.