ICT4D Webinar Series

There has not been a time when technology has had a more profound impact on international development and humanitarian aid programs.

This webinar series features experts from public, private and civil society to discuss vital themes around the use of information and communication technology for development (ICT4D).

Speakers and partners from past and future ICT4D Conferences share their practical knowledge, present new and relevant technologies, answer questions, and engage in a learning environment that is both innovative and informative.

This inclusive webinar series is designed to provide cutting edge and practical information that is easily accessible at no cost to representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society and community-based organizations, private sector companies, multilateral and governmental agencies, academic and research institutions, development banks, and aid and development funding organizations.

In particular, the following professionals benefit from attending: program managers, field officers, IT/data managers, and senior technical advisors from disciplines ranging from agriculture, health, education, conservation and disaster management to information and communications technology, data management, GIS/mapping, and financial services.

The ICT4D webinars will feature short case studies and interactive Q&A sessions that will last for one hour.

Upcoming ICT4D Webinars

More information coming soon!

Past ICT4D Webinars

View the recording: COVID-19 Health Data Management and Exchange, June 30, 2020

View the recording: Designing digital tools for COVID-19 response for and with the User, June 9, 2020

View the recording: Supporting Farmers with Low-Cost Digital Tools During Covid-19, May 19, 2020

View the recording: Digital Tech to Help Fight COVID-19 Misinformation, May 5, 2020

View the recording: Donor Panel: Data Protection Priorities and Expectations, April 23, 2020

View the recording: ICT for COVID-19 Response: Lessons learned from Digital Applications for Disease Monitoring and Preparedness, April 21, 2020

View the recording: Digital ID: Closing the Identity Gap, March 17, 2020

View the recording: ICT for Safeguarding, February 25, 2020

View the recording: Security Lessons Learned and Good Practice in Data Protection, December 10, 2019

View the recording: ICT for WASH: Achieving Global Water Security with Digital Innovations, November 12, 2019

View the recording: Transforming Agriculture Through Digital Financial Innovations, October 8, 2019

View the recording: Key Takeaways from the 11th ICT4D Conference Part Two, July 9, 2019

View the recording: Key Takeaways from the 11th ICT4D Conference Part One, June 25, 2019

View the recording: Fighting Malaria with the Help of Digital Technologies, April 16, 2019 

View the recording: Responsible Data: From Legislation to Organizational Behavior, March 12, 2019

View the recording: Using Digital Tech to Support Humanitarian Logistics, February 12, 2019

View the recording: Digital Financial Tools for Humanitarian Response, Dec 18, 2018 

View the recording: AI and Machine Learning in Health Programs, Nov 20, 2018 

View the recording: Rise of Platforms in ICT4D, October 16, 2018 

View the recording: ICT4D at Scale, September 11, 2018 

View the recording: Lessons Learned from the 10th ICT4D Conference, June 26, 2018 

View the recording: Discover AI and Machine Learning for Aid and Development, March 20, 2018

View the recording: Digital Innovations for Humanitarian ResponseFebruary 20, 2018 

View the recording: Blockchain for Development: Moving from Hype to Reality, January 16, 2018 

View the recording: Taking Action on Data, December 19, 2017 

View the recording: The Potential and Promise of ICT4D Partnerships, September 19, 2017 

View the recording: ICT4Ag: The New Technologies That Will Achieve Food Security, Tuesday, October 17, 2017 

View the recording: Empowering Youth Through ICT4D Programs, Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Suggest a topic or speaker

To suggest a theme or recommend a speaker for a future ICT4D webinar, please email Sonja Ruetzel, ICT4D Conference Manager. 

This webinar series is brought to you by:

Catholic Relief Services

CRS is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. The agency alleviates suffering and provides assistance to people in need in 101 countries, without regard to race, religion or nationality. Our programs touch 100 million lives with innovative solutions and responses to poverty. CRS uses ICT4D to collect and report data for evidence based decision making, to implement at scale, and to enable partners and programs. CRS: About ICT4D

ICT4D Conference

Since 2010 the annual ICT4D Conference brings together public, private and civil society organizations from across the humanitarian and international development community. Participants share how they’ve used innovations in technology to increase the impact of their work. Highly interactive and hands-on, the conference attracts a diverse audience of technical advisors, executives, and others who offer a range of practical insights on applying technology to development challenges. The next conference takes place on April 30 to May 2, 2019 in Kampala, Uganda.


NetHope empowers committed organizations to change the world through the power of technology. NetHope, a consortium of 50-plus leading global nonprofits, unites with technology companies and funding partners to design, fund, implement, adapt, and scale innovative approaches to solve development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges. Together, the NetHope community strives to transform the world, building a platform of hope for those who receive aid and those who deliver it.

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