Emerging Technologies

Established at 2018 NetHope Global Summit, NetHope's Emerging Technologies Initiative is a sector-wide approach to responsible and sustainable adoption of AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies in the humanitarian and international development sector.

The initiative is focused on growing NGO’s internal expertise and capacity to evaluate, develop, procure, and use emerging technologies in their work so they can make informed decisions, do their work better, anticipate issues that might arise from emerging technologies like AI and blockchain, and ensure that people in need are aware of the technologies that affect them and their communities.

The Initiative focuses on three priorities for NetHope members:

  • Capacity building via workshops, webinars, conferences, and the NetHope Solutions Center featuring practical information about AI/ML capabilities, technology tools & services, and lessons learned from implementations in humanitarian, development and conservation contexts.
  • Practical toolkits & standards that are designed to support responsible, sustainable and consistent implementation of AI/ML in the social impact space, and scaling of the most promising programs, processes, and methodologies.
  • Support for practical implementations in the form of facilitating access to technical expertise and resources (product and funding).

NetHope members can join the AI Working Group here.

The key component to a successful initiative is the involvement of individuals and organizations actively working on AI/ML and blockchain technologies, as well as NGOs who know the problems that need to be solved, contexts that need to be planned for, and barriers that need to be overcome to make ethical and widespread adoption possible. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact us.




Digital Identity




Digital Identity and Digital Currencies

Reports and papers



  • Outcome document from Blockchain for Social Good Event co-hosted by NetHope and ICSC in New York (March, 2019)

If you work for a NetHope member organization you can access additional information on the AI Working Group page (login required).

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