Emerging Technologies

NetHope's Emerging Technologies Initiative is a sector-wide approach to integrating AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies in humanitarian, development, and conservancy work. The Initiative will focus on three areas identified as immediate needs at the 2018 NetHope Global Summit: 

  • Capacity building via workshops, webinars, conferences, and the NetHope Solutions Center. 
  • Project-based collaborations focused on leveraging emerging technologies to solve problems across humanitarian, development, and conservancy contexts. 
  • Toolkits & standards that are grounded in the learnings from our collective work, with the focus on scaling the most promising programs, processes, and methodologies.

The key component to a successful initiative is the involvement of individuals and organizations actively working on AI/ML and blockchain technologies, as well as NGOs who know the problems that need to be solved, contexts that need to be planned for, and barriers that need to be overcome to make ethical and widespread adoption possible. If you are interested in supporting this iniative, please contact us.

For additional context about the Emerging Technologies initiative and a recap of AI for Good discussions at NetHope Summit 2018, please review this blog post.

Upcoming workshops and events


If you work for a NetHope member organization you can access additional information on the Emerging Technologies Working Group page (login required).

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