Crisis Informatics

Current Status of Our Response Efforts

In September, Hurricanes Irma and Maria severely impacted several island states throughout the Caribbean, including: St. Martin, Antigua, Barbuda, Turks and Caicos, and Puerto Rico. Many NetHope NGO members have responded across the region to provide aid to affected communities.

Alongside our members and partners, NetHope's Emergency Response Team is on the ground, restoring connectivity for local government agencies, humanitarian responders, and affected communities throughout the most-heavily impacted islands.

NetHope Member 3W Map

What is a 3W map? A map that shows Who is doing What and Where. In a NetHope context, it is a map that details where our members are responding in Puerto Rico, and with what kind of aid.

Click on the map below to access the detailed 3W map document. The data has been culled from public sources, including organizational websites, news sources, and reports from Organizations. To request any additions or changes to the dataset, or to request access to edit the document on behalf of your organization, please contact This data set is not comprehensive of all response efforts in Puerto Rico.

Our Current Response Team


Global Emergency Coordination Team

Isaac Kwamy, Director, Global Programs, Humanitarian Disaster Management, NetHope
Frank Schott, VP Global Programs, NetHope


Field Teams

For the next several weeks, NetHope staff, and volunteers from our tech partners, will be restoring connectivity on the islands of Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, and St. Martin.


Our current team in the field

Rami Shakra, Director of Field Connectivity, NetHope
Gisli Olafsson, NetHope
Alexandra Alpert, Director of Membership, NetHope
Christian Alfaro, Regional IT Manager for Latin America & Caribbean, Save the Children
Philipe Dudley, NetHope and Save the Children
Fedson Dorvilme, IT Officer, Save the Children
Richard Dunham, NetHope
Sam A. Perales, Wireless Network Deployment Engineer, Facebook


Crisis Informatics Team

Gabriele Almon, Crisis Informatics Team Lead, NetHope
Jennifer Chan, NetHope
Tino Kreutzer, NetHope
Lauren Bateman, NetHope


About Crisis Informatics

The Crisis Informatics Program provides purpose-driven information management, analytics, and visualizations to improve data and information sharing among response organizations during disasters, and humanitarian crises.


Photos from the Field




NetHope and NetHope members thank Facebook, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, The Patterson Foundation, Digicel, Blackbaud, and Mapbox for their generous support of NetHope’s Irma and Maria response and Crisis Informatics work.