Case Study

Imani House Health Care Clinic Coordinates Community Visits Via App during Ebola Outbreak

  • Provided By: Journey
  • April 23, 2015

Imani House is a small NGO operating in Monrovia, Liberia.

Before the outbreak Imani House ran a Health Care Clinic, but in response to the Ebola crisis they began community outreach and education. They lost two of their employees to Ebola during the outbreak, but despite these setbacks they continued helping their community.

Five of their workers used the Journey app running on donated smartphones to coordinate community visits and conduct surveys that help determine the needs of communities heavily hit by Ebola.

The surveys created a clear picture of the needs of the surrounding community and enabled aid organizations to channel their efforts more productively.

Key Challenges

We started off by talking to the Imani House team to determine their biggest challenges:

  • Delayed access to data – it took many days, or sometimes weeks, for data to become available for reporting
  • Time wasted digitising data – Imani House’s small team had to spend hours retyping completed forms into the computer
  • Coordinating field workers – it was tough managing a team working in a geographically distributed manner
  • Quantifying actions to donors – there wasn’t enough capacity to do the work and create high quality reports for donors

The solution

We created a completely customized app for Imani House in less than 5 days. Data collected by the app was immediately available to managers.

Imani House uses the app to collect information on Ebola exposure; to find out what people know about Ebola; educating communities on Ebola prevention and treatment; and managing the distribution of sanitary supplies. The app also logs health information of respondents, to assess needs and advocate for better directed interventions.

“This system can be adjusted and used far into the future to keep track of the health needs of the communities we serve. Please share our thanks to everyone at EbolaCare for this opportunity.” Bisi Ideraabdullah, Founder & Executive Director

App Modules


  • Community needs survey
  • Ebola screening
  • General health survey


  • General health and Ebola information survey


The app saved Imani House 40-55 min per interview as surveys were faster to complete and no digitising was needed.

Imani House gained between 169 - 232 hours per week - nearly doubling the capacity of their 5 agents!

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