HC3 webinar explores human-centered design

  • Health Communication Capacity Collaborative
  • July 6, 2017
HC3 webinar: human-centered design

This June 27, 2017, webinar introduced human-centered design (HCD), an approach to problem solving that prioritizes empathy, actively engaging end-users, providers and other stakeholders throughout the development process. HCD incorporates an understanding of the motivations and incentives that drive human behavior, including cultural and social norms, into designing solutions that are aligned with the end-user and offer lasting impact.

This online event is the sixteenth in HC3’s innovation webinar series, designed to spotlight a broad range of health communication innovations while providing a meaningful mix of theory and practical examples.

The webinar was moderated by:

  • Carolyn Florey, Director of Collective Impact, Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) [Presentation: Human-Centered Design and the Principles for Digital Development]

Panelists included:

  • Dianna Kane, Chief Design Officer, Medic Mobile [Presentation: The Medic Mobile Toolkit]
  • Jen Orkis, Senior Technical Advisor for SBCC, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs [Presentation: Using Human-Centered Design to Address Family Planning Provider Bias in Nigeria]
  • Shahada Kinyaga, Country Lead, Adolescents 360 Tanzania, Population Services International [Presentation: Innovation in Adolescent Reproductive Health]

Watch the recorded webinar here.

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