Global VSAT Forum and NetHope Brings Practical VSAT Training to Leading International NGOs

  • Paige Dearing
  • October 8, 2015
Global VSAT Forum and NetHope Brings Pra

NetHope, a collaborative alliance that empowers large international organizations to change the world through technology, hosted an advanced practical VSAT training in Nairobi, Kenya last month in partnership with the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and the African eDevelopment Resource Center (AeRC).

Fourteen IT leaders attended and successfully completed the certification program, representing seven of NetHope’s member agencies: International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, Troicaire, Save the Children, World Vision, Care and WinRock.

The course was led by GVF Instructor, Nenad Bojovic, the International Rescue Committee’s director of Field Office Technology and a leading VSAT expert known across the industry. “With a combination of online training, classroom and field work we aspire to ensure that every student has the right knowledge and skills to do a proper VSAT install on their own in the most remote field locations,” said Bojovic. Nenad became a certified GVF VSAT instructor in 2009 and has been actively training NetHope staff multiple times per year ever since.

At the close of the training program, students have a strong academic and practical foundation for VSAT installation as well as experience troubleshooting. These skills help create extremely impactful collaboration and success in the field. David Hartshorn, Secretary General of the Global VSAT Forum said, “NetHope has developed significant capacity and self-reliance in the area of VSAT professional workforce, in the places where it is needed the most.”

“NetHope is investigating the value of aggregating VSAT demand and skillsets so that member organizations can leverage each other's internal capacity and benefit from economies of scale,” said Kevin MacRitchie, NetHope’s director of Global Connectivity Programs. “Programs always function more efficiently once reliable and affordable connectivity is established, so this training regimen is essential to cover rural regions where infrastructure and terrestrial services are lacking or nonexistent.”

For further information on NetHope’s VSAT Courses, please contact Joe Simmons directly at

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