Get Certified Today in Mobile Data Solutions

  • Nick Martin
  • February 24, 2015
Get Certified Today in Mobile Data Solut

Leading global development organizations are just beginning to utilize mobile technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of the data they collect, manage, analyze, and share. However, there is so much more the international development community could be doing with this powerful technology to make better decisions and meet broader global development goals.

Thankfully, you can now learn the secrets of how to use mobile technologies to more effectively collect and disseminate data and achieve better development outcomes through a free interactive online course on Mobile Data Solutions.

This two-hour self-paced online course developed by the Digital Development team at USAID, the mSTAR program at FHI 360, and TechChange, explores these opportunities and offers a comprehensive introduction to key terms, concepts, technologies, and strategies, including:

  • How to assess a mobile data collection project and required resources
  • How to design a project to achieve the maximum impact possible
  • How to implement a project to take advantage of appropriate technologies
  • How to visualize and share the collected data with relevant communities

Sign up now for this fun and practical learning environment with a mixture of animations, video interviews, scenario-based case studies, and interactive exercises including designing and undertaking a survey using mobile tools. It is free, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and anytime no matter your time zone.

Nick Martin is an educator, technologist, and social entrepreneur with ten years of international development and peacebuilding experience. He is the founder and CEO of TechChange, a Washington DC-based social enterprise that provides tech training for social change. Nick is also an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown and George Washington Universities.

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