SCU Frugal Innovation Lab Launches Project Galleries & Blog

  • Elizabeth Sweeny
  • August 2, 2013
SCU Frugal Innovation Lab Launches Proje

The Frugal Innovation Lab in the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University has a mission to develop accessible, affordable, adaptable and appropriate solutions for emerging markets.  The best part is, for over one full year now, students, faculty, staff and partners of FIL (including NetHope) have been achieving this mission! 

FIL is excited to announce the launch of their two online project galleries, which showcase nearly all of the products, technologies and solutions that have been designed and implemented since the lab’s inception.  The 'General Project Gallery' includes all bioengineering, mechanical, civil, electrical and computer engineering projects that the lab has taken part in.  The 'Mobile Project Gallery' is specifically for projects that are based on mobile applications and instrumentation (although there is slight overlap given that a hefty portion of the general projects have a mobile element).

Furthermore, FIL now has their own tri-weekly blog, where visitors can participate and comment on student project updates, industry news, and just plain cool tidbits of information that relate to the lab’s focus areas.

FIL invites you to browse the project galleries and the blog; they can’t wait to see you on the site!

Visit the General Project Gallery

Visit the Mobile Project Gallery

Visit the Frugal Innovation Lab Blog



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