Digital Nonprofit

Digital Skills Workshops

  • October 20, 2019

These workshops are designed for our nonprofit members to facilitate a discussion around skills in their organizations.  Each workshop is a self-serve model and has an easy to follow format. 

Skills are a very wide and varied topic, and often times, organizations struggle with developing a digital skill strategy for their organizations because they don’t know where to start. We created these workshops as a way to prioritize the starting point for developing skills within your staff.  When you complete a workshop – you end up with # 1, # 2, and # 3 priority skill needed in your organization. 

The workshops are also designed for you to customize.  We’ve developed these in an easy to follow manner, but if your organization or team needs to drill down into a specific role or topic, you can easily take the materials and use them as you see fit.

The Digital Skills Framework is the foundation for the skills within the workshops, and are developed in order of member priority, with Data being the first priority skill for our members.

Please use them and if you would like to provide feedback on your results of ways to improve the workshops, we would love to hear from you.

  • Data:  The 16 skills within the data workshop are in order of complexity with Data Production and Hygiene as the starting skill needed.  
  • Digital Responsibility:  The skills within Digital Responsibility are ones needed to navigate effectively while protecting yourself and others in an online world.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit:  This workshop is designed to think thru the cultural aspects of your organization and your ability to adapt in a changing environment.
  • Technical Literacy:  The foundational set of skills within the Digital Skills Framework, this workshop covers fundamentals needed in your digital transformation.

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