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CRS Leverages iMerit Global Digital Transformation Services

  • Provided By: iMerit
  • July 8, 2015


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) wanted to reorganize and centralize their entire IT communications process to receive, assign, and solve IT user requests from every office in the world, with any level of complexity. To meet their needs, iMerit created a 24x7 support solution that facilitated an increase in ticket volume, a decrease in-house backlog work, and an overall increase in confidence among staff in the efficiency of IT service support.

Key Challenges

Before iMerit, CRS was facing heavy internal backlog in incident reports and tickets, systematic inefficiencies across their 90 country offices, and resource shortages to assuage the former two issues. 

The Solution

To address these challenges, CRS enlisted support from iMerit in 2012 for the creation of a global support desk to provide the IT background and both staff and time support to negate concerns around systematic inefficiencies and the internal backlog.

iMerit employed newly trained, underserved populations to provide affordable IT support services, and continues to change lives through skill-based employment. iMerit teams are flexible and capable of supporting large, global organizations, like CRS, which operate in intermittently connected environments. Services include application support and testing; customized mobile and cloud desk support; data and content curating, validation, tagging and management; and the expansion and scale of product offerings.

Impact to date

The around-the-clock support solution for CRS facilitated a 78% increase in ticket volume decreased in-house backlog work by 20%, and increased confidence among staff in the efficiency of IT service support. 

The opportunity to work on the CRS team offers iMerit employees like Faria a life-changing opportunity. Faria lives just south of Kolkota in the conservative community of Metiabruz, and walks fifteen minutes to work each day. Faria completed her training with iMerit’s partner foundation, Anudip, in 2009 and has been rising through the ranks ever since.

Few women pursue degrees or hold jobs in Metiabruz, making Faria one of several exceptions to the rule. The proximity of iMerit’s center to her home allows her to work in a professional environment and support her family while keeping with community customs. She is now financially independent and is able to pay her school fees as well as spend time with friends on the weekends.

Faria’s positive attitude and drive illustrate the ways in which the Metiabruz iMerit center is able to create lasting opportunities for employees and make the community more supportive of the education and employment of women.

iMerit is committed to delivering stellar business results while making a measurable social impact, empowering thousands of women like Faria through the use of IT. To date, more than 40,000 individuals have been trained, 82% of which have been placed in jobs and receive 300% higher salary than before iMerit training.

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Case Study:
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