Connectivity helps create safe space for women and children

  • Kelli Hogan
  • May 25, 2017
Connectivity helps create safe space for

Editor’s Note: Kelli Hogan, a marketing manager at Google, was a member of the 12-person NetHope Team K deployment to Greece and its official mission storyteller.

Drama, Greece — Children lie, giggling and wiggling, on the floor surrounded by paper and markers. They’re making art, an activity facilitated by Solidarity Now, a UNICEF Blue Dot agency dedicated to providing social and health services to mothers and children in refugee camps throughout Greece.

“Will we have Wi-Fi today?” ask several staff members as they invite me in. Beaming with excitement at the prospect of imminent connectivity, the team gives me a tour of the child-friendly space, baby corner, and breastfeeding room. The Solidarity Team, made up of teachers, psychiatrists, social workers, and an interpreter, work to advise and support refugee mothers and children on how to navigate the asylum process, provide psychological support for anxiety and stress, and organize social and physical activities.

Drawings created by refugee children adorn the Solidarity Now office.

Kids are always eager to join in on the painting, free play, and athletics. “We are glad for the love that children show us,” said one staff member.

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