Case Study

Community Health Workers Using Journey App to Save Time Collecting Triage Assessment Data

  • Provided By: Journey
  • April 23, 2015

The shortage of doctors in South Africa has caused a new generation of Community Health Workers (CHWs) to step forward. CHWs are members of a community who are chosen by community members or organizations to provide basic health and medical care to their community. These CHWs face problems like overflow of data, geographical and accessibility difficulties and workforce management challenges.

Key Challenges

Due to the enormous number of community households that require health risk assessments, CHWs doesn’t have time to fill out paper forms, which first has to be returned to clinics and analysed by doctors before any action can be taken.

“A lot of men hours can be spent dealing with paperwork, meaning we get to spend less quality time with those who need it.” - Victry, Community Health Worker

The Solution

A mobile app was built so that CHWs can register households and household members and to perform a “triage” assessment for the household to identify if there are any urgent health risks within the household. Health risks are reported on and households can be flagged for follow-up visits. Information about the households are available at any time for the CHW to access and the app allows CHWs to search for the proper medical terms to use when interacting with community members.

“When the Nompilo system [the Journey solution] was purchased, I was really surprised how easy it was to use.” - Victry, Community Health Worker

The CHW together with their team leader can schedule their workload and follow-up appointments using the Journey mobile app. Household Service Assessments are also completed to gather household socio-economic data.


The AITAHealth project is currently deployed in the informal settlement of Mamelodi, South Africa, to more than 350 Community Health Workers. CHWs use a mobile app to register households and all the reports are immediately available for the relevant decision makers to analyze the data, identify health trends within the community and to plan interventions.

“It’s amazing how much time I save every day.” - Victry, Community Health Worker
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