Collaborating In Crisis With NetHope

  • Tableau Foundation
  • August 12, 2015

NetHope provides information communications infrastructure support to humanitarian groups in disaster zones. It distills large volumes of data to maximize impact when it matters most.

Our grant to NetHope helps save lives and alleviate suffering during humanity’s most trying moments, including the aftermath of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu and the earthquake in Nepal.

When disaster strikes, there’s a “data scramble” to find relevant information, according to Gisli Olafsson, NetHope’s emergency response director.

To optimize aid efforts, Tableau provided a grant of software, training, and financial support, and Tableau Zen Masters helped create interactive dashboards to enable fast information sharing.

Visualizing incoming data in Tableau allows NetHope to immediately assess needs and share the findings with aid groups on the ground. Those groups, in turn, can coordinate efforts and address shifting priorities.

When Cyclone Pam ravaged Vanuatu, NetHope weighed both damage reports and population data to prioritize response efforts. When the Ebola outbreak gained ground in West Africa, NetHope helped track resources against need. And when an earthquake devastated Nepal, NetHope quickly created a real-time dashboard to help identify data deserts.

With Tableau’s support, NetHope can help answer critical questions and better serve those in need in remote corners of the world.

We are thrilled to partner with NetHope in showing how valuable data and data visualization can be during a crisis. NetHope has shown in Vanuatu and Nepal that it’s possible to collect and visualize data quickly, and by doing so, better decisions can be made about allocation of resources. That results in people being helped more quickly and lives being saved.

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