COVID-19 Response


  • Accenture
  • May 13, 2020

Virtual Ways of Working Playbook provides practical advice to help nonprofits around the word to adapt to working virtually. The Virtual Ways of Working playbook is a learning guide developed to support transforming the way that Social Impact Organizations and their teams work.

Chapters include how to establish a virtual culture and how to be a great leader for a remote workforce. Users will learn strategies to manage people remotely and conduct engaging meetings and workshops interactively and collaboratively. Discover free and low-cost tools and their distinctive features to help teams be productive. Adopt common principles to help create a virtual culture. The final chapter then stresses ways to take steps to take care of mind and body.

5 key areas the playbook is addressing:

  1. Learn strategies and tools to manage remote teams and enhance virtual productivity;
  2. Build effective leadership skills in a remote setting;
  3. Conduct engaging and impactful virtual meetings and workshops;
  4. Adopt common principles to develop a vibrant virtual culture;
  5. And take steps to take care of employee wellbeing.


Please contact Roman Lerman, Global Technology and Digital Lead/CIO - Accenture Development Partnerships at Accenture to schedule available trainings or set up a meeting to talk about the playbook.

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