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  • March 8, 2019

The Center for the Digital Nonprofit, an initiative of the technology solutions-based nonprofit, NetHope, brings together the collaborative expertise of the technology sector with the on the ground experience of nonprofits to create a foundation for forward-looking organizations to deliver aid, relieve suffering, and build hope. By providing the expertise, resources, tools, guidance, and grantmaking needed for digital transformation, The Center helps nonprofits achieve the efficiency of tomorrow today.

The Center has three main areas of focus:

  • People: Our Human Capacity initiative focuses on the skills most needed by leaders and staff at non-profit organizations.
  • Process: We’re building reference models and benchmarking tools to support Organizational Excellence across the sector.
  • Technology: Our Advanced Technology initiative establishes the best practices, standards, and tools relevant for the critical work of addressing our shared global challenges.

The Opportunity

After 18 years of experience, NetHope and its nearly 60 member organizations realized that despite having access to cutting-edge technology, the nonprofit sector was falling well behind the private sector in leveraging innovative technology solutions that would allow for greater mission driven impact. In an effort to embrace this challenge head on, extensive research was conducted to understand the state of digital transformation in the nonprofit sector. This resulted in The New Imperative of Nonprofit Digital Transformation, co-authored by NetHope CEO Lauren Woodman, and Justin Spelhaug of Microsoft Philanthropies. The white paper highlights that the gap between human need and international response is growing at an alarming rate.

Nonprofit international relief- and development organizations, which account for $40 billion in annual aid to the developing world, cannot catch up by relying solely on traditional fundraising and program implementation. New strategies and tools are required to increase organizational efficiencies and program effectiveness which will result in more people being served for every dollar invested.

Impact Areas and Benefits

  • Improve organizational focus on a people, process, technology strategy of digital transformation
  • Measure yourself against an industry recognized bench-mark
  • Follow a roadmap for focused improvement and partake in opportunities for sector wide collaboration For Donors & Technology Partners
  • Demonstrate your commitment to improved processes and frameworks within the nonprofit sector
  • Scale impact by helping nonprofits embrace and implement digital strategies

Our Team

Our experienced NetHope staff and member organizations, who provide critical thought leadership, propel the Center. It is enriched by the unique talents, experience, and innovative drive of Center Director Fredrik Winsnes, and Jean-Louis Ecochard, former CIO of The Nature Conservancy.

Join the DTx Movement

Help your organization begin its digital transformation journey by joining a community of forward-looking organizations that realize the new opportunities, business models, partnerships, products, and services that are possible. In the short term, consider that even a 10 percent increase in efficiency through digital transformation will provide an additional $4 billion a year in aid resources from the nonprofit sector. In the long term, digital mastery reduces bureaucracy, delivers more targeted programming, and helps empower often vulnerable or underserved aid recipients, giving them a greater voice and influence.

Email us to learn more and get involved.


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The Digital Nonprofit Journey

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