A Global Campaign: Healthcare Information For All by 2015

  • Emma Schwartz
  • March 7, 2013

Thousands of men, women and children in developing countries die each day for no better reason than a lack of basic healthcare information and knowledge. In many cases, life-saving interventions are locally available but not provided.

The pressing need to improve the availability and use of this information was made apparent in the World Health Organization’s commissioned review of the issues. An abridged version of the review, ‘Can we achieve health information for all by 2015?’, was published in The Lancet in 2004.

Established in October 2006, the HIFA2015 campaign and knowledge network is a response to WHO’s challenge to the public health community. The campaign promotes communication, understanding and advocacy to bridge knowledge gaps and ensure health workers and family caregivers in developing countries have access to the information they need to save lives.

HIFA2015 is 6,000 members strong, representing 2,000 organizations across 167 countries collaborating to reach the HIFA2015 goal: every person, worldwide, will have access to an informed healthcare provider by 2015.

HIFA2015 members collaborate via two email discussion forums to build the HIFA2015 Knowledge Base — what is envisioned to be a resource depicting the information needs of healthcare providers in resource-poor settings, the barriers and drivers of the development, creation and application of the information, and implementable cost-effective solutions. The evidence collected in the Knowledge Base will serve as the basis for supporting individual and collective efforts towards achieving the campaign goal.

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Get Involved:
Individuals:  Click here to join HIFA2015 (for free!) and learn more about how you can help.                                                                                                    

Organizations:  Join over 160 leading health and development organizations in supporting HIFA2015. Click here to learn more about how you can help and apply to support the campaign.

For more information, visit the HIFA website.


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