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Revel is a community of over 200 thinkers, designers, storytellers, and builders inspired by the limitless opportunities each tomorrow brings.

With empathy as our guiding principle, Revelers take a human-centered approach to ignite innovation, create powerful customer experiences, and drive business transformation in a shorter period of time. Knowing that every organization has unique needs, goals, and expectations, we understand creativity and flexibility can be just as important as expertise. Revelers are ready to meet our clients wherever they are—to roll up our sleeves, make an impact, and achieve more, together.

A core set of philosophies, deeply rooted in making a more diverse and inclusive world, unite all Revelers:

  • Political — We believe democracy and holacracy are the most equitable organizing principles so we strive to empower and activate, not command and control.
  • Economic — We believe intrapreneurialism is the ultimate value creator so we elevate creativity and uniqueness over scale and repeatability.
  • Social — We believe psychological safety is the hallmark of a high-functioning team so we lead with empathy, trust, respect, vulnerability and flexibility.
  • Environmental — We believe we are all responsible for leaving things better than we found them so we endeavor to be the change instead of waiting for the change.
  • Educational — We believe we live in a world of abundance, not scarcity so we seek to provide space to grow and stoke latent potential
  • Health — We believe personal well-being, fulfillment, and happiness is the foundation of everything so we treat everyone uniquely the same.

: Tim Bowman
Title: Managing Director
Address: 2226 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

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