NetHope Solutions Center Webinars Check-list

NetHope Solutions Center Webinars Check-list

NetHope Solutions Center webinars can be open to the public or privately presented to NetHope members only and allow vendors the chance to share their solutions, members to share case studies/best practices, and subject matter experts to present on IT solution-related topics. We do these as online WebEx webinars and here’s typically how we go about the process:

Webinar Checklist:

1) Pick a suitable date & time

Tuesdays, (Wednesdays) or Thursdays are preferred. We typically schedule webinars at 8AM PDT | 11AM EDT | 17:00 CET for maximum attendance across the globe. Sessions can run from 60-90 minutes (60 minutes preferred). Check available dates.

Owner: Joint between Vendor/Presenter & NetHope Program Director

2) Provide a session abstract & promotional materials

*Needed at a minimum of 3 weeks before the selected date. It is useful to stress how the solution is particularly relevant to the NGO community.  If a vendor/solution provider/presenter has existing customers/users involved in global development, humanitarian work or conservation, we encourage their participation and inclusion in the webinar (especially NetHope members!).
Required materials from presenters:


3) Determine target audience

A NetHope Solutions Center webinar can be open to the public or limited to a NetHope member audience only.
For public webinars, both NetHope internal member communications as well as external MailChimp (+ EventBrite) outreach will be sent to the entire NetHope Solutions Center newsletter mailing list. We will also encourage presenters to reach out to their own networks.
Should a presenter choose to hold a private member-only webinar, NetHope will facilitate all webinar invitations and the listing on the NetHope Solutions Center will be restricted (viewable only by NetHope members).

Owner:​ Joint between Vendor/Presenter & NetHope Program Director

4) Post product information to the NetHope Solutions Center

Product vendors presenting in a NetHope Solutions Center webinar will register a VENDOR account with the NetHope Solutions Center and post product information. NetHope members or other presenters that want to refer to specific products and services are encouraged to work with the NetHope Solutions Center editorial team to have such product information posted. Additional blog posts and case studies are also encouraged.

Register here.
Submit blogs & case stories here.

Owner: Vendor/Presenter/ NetHope Solutions Center editorial team

5) Send invitation

A meeting invitation with the session abstract/description & WebEx details will be sent to NetHope member contacts and other NetHope Program Directors at least 2 weeks before the session. They in turn will forward the invitation to appropriate personnel based on the topic. If the webinar is public, webinar details are posted to the NetHope Solutions Center webinar listings and presenters are encouraged to forward MailChimp and Eventbrite details.

The NetHope Solutions Center editorial team will also prepare and provide a package of marketing materials (including graphics and suggested social media messages) to help presenters and others promote the session.

Owner: NetHope Program Director/NetHope Solutions Center editorial team/Presenter

6) Prepare content 

PowerPoint slides and any demonstrations desirable (even video can be accommodated). We prefer to have this collateral available 2 days before the webinar for review and to upload to WebEx test session. 
Optional attendee polls are accommodated – please submit questions and multiple-choice answers 3 days ahead of the scheduled webinar. This will be tested in the WebEx test session.

Owner: Vendor/Presenter

7) WebEx test session

A day or two before the webinar a WebEx test session will be set up to make sure we do not run into any last minute issues with audio or any of the presentation materials – All vendor(s), presenter(s) and panelists will need to be available for this trial session. A calendar invitation will be generated by the NetHope Program Director.

Owner: Joint between Vendor/Presenter & NetHope Program Director

8) During the webinar

The NetHope Program Director will welcome all attendees, go over housekeeping rules and monitor the session for questions. We will use the presenter’s preference on the level of interaction: i.e. to hold questions to the end or address them as they come up.
All webinar sessions will be recorded and links distributed via the NetHope Solutions Center (for publicly available webinars) or internally to NetHope Members.
A webinar satisfaction poll is taken during the last 5 minutes of the webinar. Results are saved for post-webinar activities.
After concluding the webinar and before closing down the WebEx session, the NetHope Program Director will generate a separate chat and Q&A log from the attendee interaction.

Owner: Vendor/Presenter & NetHope Program Director

9) After the webinar

The NetHope Program Director will generate a separate document containing chat and Q&A logs from the attendee interaction and encourage the presenter(s) to answer any unanswered questions.
The resulting Q&A document, link to the WebEx recording and any materials presented will be posted to the NetHope Solutions Center (for public webinars) or internally for NetHope member access (for private webinars). 
Attendee information will be shared with presenters (number of attendees, names & organization names only) along with results of the webinar satisfaction survey.
About 2 weeks after the webinar, a summary blog post will be generated about the webinar and any subsequent relevant discussions, activities or developments. Presenters will be collaborators on the blog post by approving of the content of the post, and by promoting the post to their professional networks. 
*Again, any images (photography, appropriate graphics, etc) that can be used on the blog, or as promotional materials can be forwarded for use by NetHope Solutions Center staff.

Owner: NetHope Program Director/Presenter/ NetHope Solutions Center editorial team

10) Anytime

We strongly encourage vendor/presenters to consider providing content to the NetHope Solutions Center. Blog entries and/or case studies could be generated from existing collateral or authored specifically for publication. If content references how NetHope members have benefitted, the NetHope Solutions Center editorial team would be happy to help write the content.

Owner: Presenters/NetHope Solutions Center editorial team


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