NetHope Solutions Center webinars can be open to the public or privately presented to NetHope members only. Webinars enable corporate partners to share their solutions; NetHope members to share case studies and best practices; and subject matter experts to present on solution-related topics. We do these as online Zoom webinars and follow the process described below.



1) Pick a suitable date & time

Webinars are scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 8AM PT | 11AM ET | 17:00 CET for maximum attendance across the globe. Sessions run for 60 minutes.

Owner: Joint between Presenter(s) and NetHope Program Director

2) Generate a session abstract, collect required materials, and buy-ins

Session abstracts should be submitted to NetHope no later than three weeks before the selected webinar date.

Required materials from presenters:


3) Determine webinar target audience

A NetHope Solutions Center webinar can be open to the public or limited to a NetHope member audience only.

Owner:​ Joint between Presenter(s) & NetHope Program Director

4) Send webinar invitation

Owner: NetHope Program Director/NetHope Solutions Center editorial team/Presenter(s)

5) Prepare content for the webinar

Optional attendee polls can be accommodated:

Owner: Presenter(s)

6) Webinar practice session

A webinar practice session will be scheduled a day or two before the webinar to make sure we do not run into any last-minute issues with audio or any of the presentation materials. All presenters and panelists will need to be available for this practice session. A calendar invitation will be sent to all attendees by the NetHope Program Director.

Owner: Joint between Presenter(s) & NetHope Program Director

7) During the webinar

The NetHope Program Director will act as the host for the webinar. The Program Director will welcome all attendees, review housekeeping rules and monitor the session for questions. We will defer to the presenter’s preference on the level of attendee interaction during the webinar: i.e., hold questions to the end or address them as they come up.

Owner: Presenter(s) & NetHope Program Director

8) After the webinar

The NetHope Program Director will generate a separate document containing chat and Q&A logs from the attendee interaction.

Owner: NetHope Program Director/Presenter(s)/NetHope Solutions Center editorial team

9) Anytime

We strongly encourage presenters to consider providing content to the NetHope Solutions Center. Blog entries and/or case studies could be generated from existing collateral or authored specifically for publication. If content references how NetHope members have benefitted, the NetHope Solutions Center editorial team would be happy to help write the content.

Owner: Presenter(s)/NetHope Solutions Center editorial team



Contact NetHope Solutions Center team at

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