NetHope Global Summit 2018

Here you can find recordings of many of the livestreamed, and taped plenary, and breakout sessions from the NetHope Global Summit 2018. We will be updating and adding to this page in the coming weeks as videos are edited and approved for release. If you don't find what you're looking for visit our YouTube channel for more.

Day One

Title: NetHope Global Summit 2018 in Dublin, Ireland: Day 1, 13:30-14:30 GMT

Presenters: Lauren Woodman, Brent Carbno, Laura McMillan, Frank Schott, Joel Urbanowicz (CRS), Ahmed Mihaimeed (SOS)

Description: NetHope leadership will give their annual address and updates on the state of the organization.
Followed by member updates from Working Groups and Chapter Meetings.

Title: NetHope Global Summit 2018 In Dublin, Ireland: Day 1: 14:45-15:30

Presenters: John Roberts, CEO, myProteus Ltd.

Description: "Improving our change initiatives, using proven approaches" Learn why cross sector projects fail and how to set up for success.

Day Three


Title: Force Multiplier - The Power of Self-Development in an Age of Technology

Presenter: Kentaro Toyama, Professor, University of Michigan

Description: The same Internet that enables mobile banking is a channel for theft and ransomware. The same Facebook that connects us with friends and colleagues accelerates and reinforces fake news. The same digital technology that empowers economic growth exacerbates inequality. These are all straightforward outcomes of technology’s Law of Amplification. For the most part, technology amplifies the impact of underlying human forces, good and bad. In a world of advanced technology, people and institutions matter even more. In non-profit work, the promise of technology to improve outcomes is realized only with careful attention is paid to individual and organizational heart, mind, and will.

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