Member Resources

As a NetHope member you have special access to program ideas, technology discounts, member representatives lists and more. Access these resources below. For an overview, we recomment reviewing the welcome page.

NetHope Member COVID-19 Resources Page

NetHope is aggregating resources from and for our member organizations that may be helpful in their various programs and projects framed toward assisting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Member Call Archive

Here you will find recordings, presentation materials, and select resources from past NetHope member calls.

NetHope Working Groups

NetHope Working Groups form around key topics relevant to the work of our Members in the sector.

Technology Discounts

Many vendors offer special pricing to NGOs and nonprofit organizations. We will collaboratively work with vendors to negotiate special Technology Discounts exclusively for NetHope members if multiple member agencies show extensive interest. 

Member Representatives

NetHope is pleased to offer an up-to-date listing of NetHope member contacts: This list contains the contact information for the primary representative for each member organization and is meant to help members connect with each other on a one-on-one basis.

Program Ideas

As part of the process of prioritizing and funding NetHope program activities, Members are asked to consider the relevancy of the program ideas for your agency (beyond the IT Department in some cases) and provide any feedback that you may have which will enhance the impact of the overall program and increase the likelihood that your agency will be an active participant.

Member Guide

As a NetHope member, you have chosen to embark on quite a journey – one that will transform and enhance the way you and your organization approach technology for social impact. And you won’t be going it alone.

Job Listings

NetHope is pleased to offer this job-listing service for members and organizations in the International Development and Conservations sectors.

CIO to CEO - Please Read

Read something profound lately? Something you passed onto your CEO? Share it with your NetHope colleagues so all can benefit!

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