Part 7: Who was involved?

Collective Impact Grant Administrator. NetHope received a collective impact grant from and worked closely with grant managers to ensure the success of the project. NetHope managed the initiative through a Project Reconnect team based in Germany, with support from the NetHope team in the U.S.

Donor/Technology Partner. Google Germany supported the project in multiple ways. Google engineers volunteered their time to code the functionality for a content discovery page, provided initial tutorials for administering Chromebooks in the Google Administrator Console/G Suite Console, and provided support to address grantee questions around organization, e.g. specific configurations, data protection, or new feature requests.

Grantee Organizations. Grantee Project Management teams performed functions described in the “Key Personnel” section.

Content Partners. Included Cisco Networking Academy, Volunteer Vision, Serlo, and Speexx

RTI International.  Provided M&E services.

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