Part 2: What happened

Project Reconnect awarded 50 grants to nonprofits in Germany that support refugees. The grantees use the Chromebooks to provide refugees access to information and education resources at more than 1000 locations across Germany. The grantees include traditional aid organizations, like the German Red Cross, education institutions, and volunteer initiatives. NetHope also awarded grants to a new breed of organization that focuses on scaling training capacity for refugees by providing computer-assisted learning opportunities and introducing other organizations to this approach.

Highlights include:

  • Project Reconnect empowers refugees and asylum seekers to help themselves by accessing online resources to learn about the asylum process in Germany, study German, find new housing, fill gaps in their school knowledge, and learn about their host communities.

  • Project Reconnect enables refugees to study German at their own pace and deepen classroom learning. This has helped refugees to integrate in their new communities, find jobs, and improve their livelihoods.

  • With Chromebooks from Project Reconnect and internet access, organizations strengthened their ability/capacity to help refugees prepare for their new lives in Germany.

  • Project Reconnect enabled 50 grantees and more than 1000 sites to explore for the first time or scale the use of computers in their work with refugees and build internal capacity.

The NetHope Project Reconnect team has created documentation on the use of managed Chromebooks in initiatives for refugees. These tutorials, handouts, and case studies for the administration and use of Chromebooks are available, mostly in German and English, to other organizations.

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