Part 13: Thoughts on the future

Project Reconnect will conclude in August 2017. Most of the grantees will continue to use the Chromebooks donated through Project Reconnect in other projects with refugees. But some may also integrate managed Chromebooks into other projects after the initiative ends.

NetHope’s Project Reconnect team will continue to provide technical support to Chromebook administrators in grantee organizations.

A subsequent NetHope project, the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge, has since been launched, which provides grants for ICT initiatives to organizations worldwide that are working with refugees. Lessons from Project Reconnect have been integrated into the new program design. Specifically, these new ICT grants are funding not only devices, but also human resources and other costs related to supporting the ICT initiative. The grants are device-independent, meaning grantees can choose the devices that are appropriate for their project, e.g. smart phone, tablet, or laptop, from their choice of manufacturers.

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