Part 4: Technologies used

Google Chromebooks with Chrome OS. Used by the grantee nonprofits in their work with refugees. Managed Chromebooks can be centrally administered by the staff of nonprofit organizations. The Google Admin Console allows organizations to preconfigure settings and to custom-design the user experience by distributing changes, updates, tools, and content remotely to all their managed Chromebooks. Managed Chromebooks allow organizations to provide a rich computing platform with minimal need for on-site IT intervention, maintenance, and support.

G Suite for Nonprofits. Available at no cost to NGOs to administer and manage the Chromebooks centrally; comes with excellent support from Google. G Suite services include:

Google Drive. Used to share tutorials, and other documentation with grantees and to collaborate within the Project Reconnect team.
Google Docs. The Project Reconnect team used Google Docs to draft and collaborate on new documentation. Many trainers and end-users use Google Docs on the Chromebooks in combination with Google Drive to create and save documents, especially for language practice and job applications.
Google Sheets. Project Reconnect team used, for example, to create, manage, and share an overview of Chrome Apps.
Chrome Web Store and Chrome Apps. Grantee organizations can remotely install Chrome Apps from the Chrome Webstore on the Chromebooks. The Project Reconnect Team has tested more than one hundred relevant apps, identified apps that work in public session mode, and created a new app linking to the Project Reconnect portal page.
Google Hangout. Used by the Project Reconnect team for online trainings for grantee project managers, site managers and administrators, and for webinars that are open to a larger audience.
Google Groups. Used as a forum for questions and suggestions from Chromebook administrators.

GAM Tool. This tool pulls data from the Google Admin Console to create Chromebook inventories for grantee organizations and sites.

Qualtrics Online Survey. NetHope received a grant to use this robust data engine for creating and analyzing an end-user survey.

RTI Tangerine. NetHope used this mobile data collection platform for Monitoring & Evaluation to capture information collected during interviews with grantee program and site managers.

Content partner technologies. Included Cisco Networking Academy, Volunteer Vision, Serlo Education, and Speexx

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