Part 9: Project Timeline

NetHope View

Established partnership with Google | Assembled Germany-based Project Management team | Drafted Project Plan (Timeline, Milestones, and Metrics) | Fielded RFP | Evaluated Applications | Selected Grantees | Delivered Chromebooks | Provided ongoing support (NetHope and Google) | Initial M&E Report | Program Adjustments (awarded additional grants) | Final M&E

Sample Grantee View (composite)

Program Oversight

Grant Application | Grant Award | Assemble Project Team (incl. IT Coordinator) | Chromebook Delivery | Training on G Suite Administration for IT Coordinator | Configuration and Registration of devices in the central administration console | Distribution to sites

On-Site, Local Deployment

Infrastructure (Internet, facilities) and local program planning (personnel, curriculum) | Train the trainers | Program Implementation | Program Adjustment (based on changing context) | Quarterly Reporting

Program Oversight

M&E and Quarterly Reporting

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