Part 8: Key Personnel

Google Donor/Partner

Grant Manager. Provide guidance and feedback on program goals, implementation, and success metrics.

Google Marketing and PR. Drafted initial communications guidelines, designed logo, and promoted the grant opportunity and project success stories.

Google Support. Provide a support hotline for G Suite services, such as the Google Admin Console that the Project Reconnect team used to resolve technical problems and create new documentation for the solutions.

Google Germany. Engineers and management from Google Germany provide guidance on Google solutions. Google Germany experts drafted the first tutorials for grantees.

Google Volunteers. Provide expertise on technical challenges and coded the functionality for the Content Discovery page, a web page to explore online content relevant for refugees in Germany.

NetHope/Collective Impact Grant Administrator

Project Reconnect Team. Provide training, documentation, support, and encourage the exchange of experiences and learnings between organizations. (The team based in Germany offers online trainings and on occasion on-site visits. They supplied administrators with information regarding how to configure and administer the Chromebooks, and created materials for site managers and trainers on how to use the Chromebooks in various scenarios.)


NetHope Program Lead. Provide overall program management and leadership to the project team and maintain close coordination with the NetHope Project Reconnect team.

Project Manager or Project Management Team. Serves as the central point person for NetHope.

Grantee IT Coordinator (in a few cases, this role is identical with the project manager). Configured the initial default settings for all Chromebooks the grantee received and determine policies around Chromebook use, e.g. sites to blacklist, filters, and login options.

Chromebook Administrator/s. Configured the Chromebook devices in the Google Admin Console. (Ideally the grantee organization IT coordinator is one of a few administrators; many national organizations, however, choose to assign regional or even local administrators.)

Grantee Site Managers. Manage the local initiatives using the Chromebooks.

Grantee Trainers and Volunteers. Organize and oversee the various activities with Chromebooks.

Content Partners. Included Cisco Networking Academy, Volunteer Vision, Serlo Education, and Speexx.


Provided by RTI International.

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