Part 2: What happened?

The NetHope Academy Internship Program has trained over 1,300 students to date with an over 80 percent job placement rate. Approximately 40 percent of program participants have been young women. Most students have also earned a technical certification, with many of them earning more than one. 

We quickly learned how different the existing IT ecosystem and landscape were in each geography, which caused slight variations in the above statistics in each region. What remained the same, however, was the feedback from the employers that the current academic institutions weren’t producing the “job-ready” graduates they were seeking. Because of this, there continues to be a demand for this high-touch, high-impact program. It requires significant effort to secure internships and full-time jobs. Often, the employment market is challenging, and we have seen the program slow in areas where it was once thriving (i.e., Haiti) due to local economic factors beyond our control. 

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