Part 8: Project timeline

Please reference the detailed timelines and project plans in the “NetHope Academy Internship Program Playbook.” Note: phases and milestones varied slightly for each country; and thanks to experience and a fully developed suite of assets ready for use, NetHope has been able to accelerate the launch speed for the NetHope Academy Internship Program. For example, launching the most recent program in Liberia, only took about 4-5 months as compared to one year in earlier launches.

The process is faster when NetHope is working with an institution that already has similar programs and/or relationships with employers in place. It can take several weeks/months longer if this is not the case or if the implementing partner is encumbered by a full workload with other programs, has gaps in staff, or confronts other competing priorities.

High-level, generic timeline shows one program/country example that is representative.

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